Relationship Transitions

Navigating Relationship Change

Relationship transition counseling provides support and guidance for individuals and couples navigating significant changes in their relationships. We understand that relationships are constantly evolving, and transitions can be challenging to navigate. We work hard to provide support, guidance, and resources to help individuals and couples navigate these transitions with resilience, clarity, and compassion. We offer personalized support and evidence-based strategies to help individuals and couples navigate transitions such as marriage, divorce, breakups, blended families, empty nesting, and more. Whether you're embarking on a new chapter or adjusting to a significant change, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Our Services

We offer support for many different types of relationship transitions and issues that arise, including:

Getting Started

Are you ready to navigate your relationship transition with support and guidance? Our office for in-person sessions is in City Park West in Denver, Colorado. We are licensed in both Colorado and Illinois, and are available for telehealth sessions from anywhere in these states. 

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